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    Embroidery Hoop Wreath DIY

    Have you ever been browsing Pinterest or Instagram and saw something that made you go, “hold on a minute, I NEED to do that”? Yes? No? Just me? That’s ok!  Anyway, I do that from time to time.  Scanning through Instagram pictures, looking for some much needed inspiration for my bare walls, and then bam! There is was. Hoops on the wall with greenery on them.  Doesn’t sound like much but take a peek and you will see for yourself!  There are some great ideas out there, but after making my own I thought, oh my word this is so easy!  Let’s be honest, who really wants to pay $50…

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    To Find Sparkle In My Christmas Tree

    I love this time of year. Some think I’m crazy, but I actually really enjoy finding that perfect gift for those special people in my life. I find joy in wrapping each one just so. I probably get the wrapping insanity from my father. He is always SO particular about how to fold the paper, which side to start on etc. He taught my brother and I from a young age that it would be an atrocity to just “slap some paper and tape on it and call it a day”. No paper slapping here! Forehead slapping, maybe, but no paper slapping. Having 4 kids, (no, that wasn’t a typo.…

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    What On Earth Am I Doing?

    Has that thought ever crossed your mind? I’m sure I’m not the only one! Lets rewind to the beginning of last week. Three of my four kids were throwing up over 4 days. Those of you who have kids know how it goes. You see them sitting at the table, cheeks starting to puff out with a wild look in their eye. Without even thinking you can see yourself reach across the table and hold out your hand to catch whatever is coming. In a split second you have that thought, “What on earth am I doing”, but you continue to reach anyway. Why do we, as parent’s, put ourselves…

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    A Note To You

    Hello! I’m glad you stopped by. You’re probably wondering what you’ll find while you’re here. My hope is that you see things that will inspire you and read things that make you think (or laugh, laughing is allowed)! I’m sure not everything I post or do will be for everyone, but I’m guessing most everyone can find something 🙂 This is a place where thoughts and projects are shared and an open place for comments and feedback. I love connecting with new people! Life can be, well, life, so I’m hoping I can help you find some beauty in it. Thanks for stopping by, until next time!