B Rosey & Co is a family-run flower farm focused on bringing beautiful, local, and sustainable flowers to the community.

Located in south western New Brunswick, next to the Saint John River, the farm has flowers for every taste! From nostalgic blooms like sweet peas, delphinium and dahlias, to new and exciting varieties of sunflowers and asters. There are never two days the same in the garden.

Growing up on a hobby farm in Atlantic Canada, I had the opportunity to experience what it meant to grow your own food, have a work ethic, and how to be responsible for what you’re given. Weaved into this way of life was always an appreciation for Creation. From baby animals to flower gardens, my desire to be part of something beautiful and to share that with others grew.

Fast forward 30+ years, a move across Canada, a husband, 4 kids, and a move BACK across this magnificent country, my desire remains the same. To be able to play a small role in sharing the awe and beauty of this world around us with my family and the people we have the privilege to meet. This desire has helped shape and tailor B Rosey & Co into much more than a place where flowers are grown. It is a place where knowledge and passion can be shared. It is a place where both children and the imagination can run wild. It is a space where true beauty and connection with nature can be experienced. It is in this place that we hope to be able to connect with you, inspire you, and just maybe add a touch of beauty to your day.