Breaking Ground

What an interesting time we live in! There have been so many restrictions placed upon us because of Covid-19. Who you can spend your time with, where you can go, what services are abvailable, etc.

I have found that the garden has brought me more comfort and a sense of normalcy now, maybe more than it ever has. Other than delays in getting equipment, fencing and product, this pandemic hasn’t been able to stop me from planning!

I have dreamed about how I want this garden to look, how I want it to make people feel as they walk through it. This is the largest project I have taken on to date, and it’s a doozy! Not only do I want it to be beautiful, peaceful and serene, but it also needs to be functional. This garden will be a production place for local blooms, but also a place of refuge for pollinators and people alike.

First run with the tiller. Rich, beautiful dirt full of worms!

Last week we finally got to run the tiller through the first row. That was exciting! I was nervous initially as I had to pry out a huge rock with a shovel, but grateful that was the only large one I found. There are still so many things that need to be put in place. Deer fencing, more rows, flood mitigation (it seems I have a small river in the field after it rains!!), more rock picking, sod lifting and critter proofing. One thing thing is for sure though, I am looking forward to the process and journey. We all know gardens are ever evolving. I’m excited for whats to come, and for those that will join us, either purchasing blooms, reading the updates, or getting to walk through and experience the garden yourself! It will be quite the adventure!

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